Hosny Bronx’s Interview with Lil Miss Reporter / UK

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Hosny Bronx’s Interview with Lil Miss Reporter / UK

French Roots Rock Reggae singer Hosny chats to Lil Miss Reporter

LMR: What do you love most about Reggae?
Hosny: What I love [the] most in Reggae is: its perfection, its purity, its musical complexity and its hardness. To be [a] perfectionist in Roots Music, to be strong musically, that’s what I love in Reggae Music. It is powerful music for the world; it’s an unimaginable power with no limit.

LMR: Have you always had an interest in the genre?
Hosny: I grew up with reggae music. When I was 4 years old, I discovered this music.There is alot of reggae music in France. Everybody in France knows this music; every kind of people. There have always been a public for this music.

LMR: Were there many reggae influences growing up in France?
Hosny: France develops reggae music for [the] French public but not internationally. Lots of Jamaican singers: like Bob Marley of course, Peter Tosh, Jacob Miller, Hugh Mundell, Dennis Brown, have introduced reggae music to the whole world.

LMR: Tell us about your new album?
Hosny: My new album will be powerful because I’m a perfectionist. It’ll be an international album for England, US, etc. I’m preparing this album; I’m working on my new songs.

LMR: What is the meaning behind the title of the album?
Hosny: I can’t tell you the title because I’ve not finished my new album.

LMR: How would you describe the sound and the message?
Hosny: This album will be: Rastafari, Roots, modern roots, with songs to defend people, to fight for people, because the real singer’s mission is to work for the people. Reggae music gives a message, but it’s more than a message, that’s the healing of the nations. That’s the sense of my album.

I play all instruments on lots of tracks but in others I play my music with musicians. In my new single ‘So alone’, I play each instrument, except [the] drums. I do the lead vocal and backing vocals; I make arrangements and production. I find the true Roots music deep inside of me but I like to collaborate with musicians too. My message comes from the Kingdom of JAH. That’s the message of JAH Selassie, you know, to save the people, to build for the nations, to go forward and play music for the world.

That’s the work of the Rastaman, that’s my job everyday for Selassie.

LMR: What is the first single from the album?
Hosny: The first single is ‘So alone’ because the Rastaman is alone. Actually, there is a Rastafari movement but not a real solidarity between all rastamen. Even if there are lots of Rastafari brothers and sisters, lots of them don’t apply JAH’s message. That’s the problem of the movement. Like Peter Tosh said, there are the root and the leaves and that’s why I say Rastaman is alone, but he shouldn’t be. He must work for JAH Selassie with other rastamen to discuss, share ideas, create positive things in order to relieve the people, the nations.

I’ll soon release the second single.

LMR: You travelled to Jamaica to record with various artists, how did it go?
Hosny: Yes I’ve been to Jamaica to record my albums. I worked with the Wailers; Bob Marley musicians. I really love Jamaica and its people. It’s a nice country, the people are warm and respectful.

LMR: Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with?
Hosny: Yes of course, there are artists I’d like to collaborate. I asked Cat Stevens, I don’t know if he received my message, but if he reads this interview, he can contact me! There are also others singers such as Ziggy Marley.

LMR: Did you have any expectations when you first went to Jamaica?
Hosny: Yeah I had expected that the musicians [would] play my music very well, but with the Wailers I wasn’t deceived. They are good musicians, I respect them.

LMR: What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Hosny: The highlight of my career: when I release a new album, when my music is broadcast to the people and when I make big concerts.

LMR: What are the positives and negatives of working in this industry?
Hosny: Record companies release albums of course, but they just want to make money. That’s very difficult for reggae artists to release their music. This industry should release more albums, for every kind of music. Its job is to promote many artists. That’s not what they do but the positive thing, I think, is that it’ll change in [a] few years with the new generation of managers, A&R, modern and open to the new kinds of music. Today, everybody wants to be a singer, so there are lots of singers, but not like the artists in the past, with a musical soul, like Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone, The Beatles, etc, you know. Musical industry should respect the artists.

LMR: What advice would you give others who wanted to work in the music industry?
Hosny: My advice for new singers is to work hard and seriously to achieve their goal, believe in themselves and find the root of their music deep inside of them.

LMR: Where do you see the future of reggae in France?
Hosny: I see a good future for reggae music in France. I [currently] live in France. I made 3 albums in French but today I focus on reaching people in England, the USA and the world. I want to export my music.

LMR: Did you come across any problems trying to promote reggae on the radio?
Hosny: Yeah, lots of radio stations in many countries broadcast my songs but some don’t air my music because they prefer popular music. Reggae music lives but it’s not commercial music, everyone in the industry knows that.

LMR: Which festivals will you be performing at this year?
Hosny: I won’t be performing in Festivals this year because I’m preparing my new album. I work hard and I want to launch my album internationally, but after, I’ll play concerts and tours.

LMR: What are your future plans for this year?
Hosny: My plan for this year: new video clips, a documentary about my music, the release of my album and many things.

LMR: Which countries would you like to visit?
Hosny: I want to perform live in England,the US, Brazil, South America, etc. I’ve been to many countries but I want to visit many others to spread JAH’s message. That’s my vision, Yes I.

LMR: Complete the sentence, you know you have made it when….you play with the best reggae musicians, such as the Wailers, and when you play lots of concerts in England, USA and many countries across the world.The biggest success is the creation of my albums.

Big up England, London, Notting Hill, Brixton, all Rastamen and Rastawomen, all english people, and all Football Clubs of the first league!

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